About 400,000 babies born in the U.S. this year will become victims of child sexual abuse.

Almost 70 percent of all reported sexual assaults (including those on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under.

South Carolina ranks as the nation’s sixth-worst state with regard to its domestic-violence homicide rate.


Six years ago, Silent Tears launched as a way to systematically address the pervasive and complex issues associated with child sexual abuse – considering best practices, the fragmented support system for victims, the culture and politics of South Carolina, and a lack of attention on the issue.

In April 2019, Silent Tears Founder Bob Castellani and his family announced plans to donate $5 million to fund the capital needs of organizations that are on the frontlines, including the 17 Children’s Advocacy Centers of S.C. as well as the rape crisis and domestic violence centers across the state.

Silent Tears is proud to partner with ELYSIAN Impact, the philanthropic arm of ELYSIAN. With a network of female thought leaders with international influence, ELYSIAN amplifies and strengthens our cause. Our common purpose is to systematically address the complex issues associated with women and children who have been victims of violence and sexual abuse. The grant awards in SC will be the first in a program of ELYSIAN Impact Partner Initiatives, creating a template that will be replicated and rolled out across mission-driven and charitable organizations nationwide.